About Us

Roadmaster Volumetric Mixers is a division of Roadmaster, Inc., a Washington-based company dedicated to providing quality steel and heavy-duty industrial products since 1974. For more information on our parent company, visit www.roadmasterinc.com.

Roadmaster Volumetric Mixers brought a fresh perspective to an established industry by building mixers that uniquely focus on the customer’s needs of serviceability with limited downtime for maintenance. Other companies in this industry fabricate their mixers in machine shops where the metal is simply welded together then painted. Alternatively, Roadmaster Volumetric Mixers utilizes precision-engineered drawings to build unique modular mixers, which allows components to be easily removed and/or replaced when needed.  

Why is this so important? We recognize that our customers only make money when their mixers are on the road, so minimizing repair times is key to their profitability. Our modular system of construction can be the difference between a job that takes minutes on our mixer versus hours on a drum mixer. 

This method of manufacturing, coupled with the highest standard of customer service in the industry, has lead to customer satisfaction and, subsequently, to the company’s growth.

The Roadmaster Promise

From initial contact to post-sales follow-up, the Roadmaster Volumetric Mixer team offers a no-frills experience and an innovative approach to challenges.

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Find out more about Roadmaster Volumetric Mixers. 

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