Investing in a Mixer

There are many benefits to using a volumetric mixer. Here are just a few of them:

Superlative concrete

  • Experts agree that the fresher the concrete when it’s applied, the stronger it will be, increasing the total quality. With a volumetric mixer, concrete is made on the spot, ensuring the freshest concrete possible. 
  • Mix design is extremely flexible. Volumetric mixers can produce a 0″ to 10″ slump from the same load, giving quality on-site concrete to match a wide variety of specifications. Mix designs can be changed in a matter of seconds to accommodate any mix desired.

Lower cost

  • Volumetric mixers normally cost less than drum mixers, which employ a central batch plant with supporting mixers. Return on investment is strongly in favor of a volumetric mixer because it is always known exactly how much will be needed. 


  • A volumetric mixer can be used as…

…a stationary unit with a local power source;

…a mobile unit serving as an on-site batch plant; or

…an on-site production solution. Time and distance limitations that apply to traditional methods, along with hot load and water temperature concerns, are eliminated. 

  • Time and distance concerns are eliminated, as the user is completely in control of how much concrete is used, as well as when and where loads are used. 


  • Volumetric mixers are simple to operate. 
  • Full view of the control station and the flow of contents during the mixing process.
  • Easily adjust water and admix flow, as needed.
  • As long as the aggregate, sand and cement bins are filled, the mixer can produce concrete continuously at a rate of 60 cubic yards per hour. This prevents over- and under-billing issues, ensuring proper return on investment. 

Accurate metering

  • Volumetric mixers have a counter. This count is used to calculate exact volume or yield of concrete for separate deliveries to multiple job sites, regardless of the mix design. 
  • Where required, an electronic PLC monitoring system can be included to provide accurate details of the mix, similar to that offered by central batch plants. Every load can be monitored by time and date.  
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