‘Green’ Features

Can a concrete mixer be environmentally-friendly? Whether it’s ‘green’ components and resource-saving features on the mixer, or an on-demand delivery system, Roadmaster Volumetric Mixers is doing its part to help the planet.

Investing in a Mixer

Find out what the benefits are to purchasing a Roadmaster Volumetric Mixer. 

Truck Components

See the major components of our system, and brief descriptions of each component’s purpose. 


See some of the process that goes into creating each Roadmaster Volumetric Mixer.

Volumetric Mixer Uses

See the many different types of projects for which a Roadmaster Volumetric Mixer can save you money.

What is a Volumetric Mixer?

The basics on the advantages of a volumetric mixer over a drum mixer.

Why Choose Our Mixers?

What sets Roadmaster Volumetric Mixers apart from the competition? A modular design and a unique concrete delivery system. 

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